How to Sell a House With Cloudy Title in Myrtle Beach

Liens, judgments, title issues, or encumbrances can cause a cloudy or defective title because it makes it difficult to discern the proper owner. In addition, a cloudy or defective title creates issues if you need to sell your home because most buyers use traditional lenders to attain a mortgage. When buyers qualify for a loan, … Continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Downsize Your House in Myrtle Beach

There is a trend toward smaller homes for many reasons, including people having smaller families with less focus on owning things and more on personal development, travel, and outdoor activity. And as time passes, our needs change; if you’re using a small percentage of your home to live in, there is no longer a need … Continued

What Does it Take to Manage a Property in Myrtle Beach?

When most people invest in real estate they assume it’s an easy and passive way to build wealth and income. While they could be right, it’s usually not a way to get rich quick, and it’s not very passive if you self-manage. Purchasing the best deal in Myrtle Beach doesn’t guarantee continued success with the … Continued