Who Are The Best Cash House Buyers in Myrtle Beach SC?

who are the cash for houses in Myrtle Beach SC
Ever hear of those “Cash For Houses in Myrtle Beach” companies? This article walks you through finding cash buyers here locally…

Are you thinking of selling your house to one of those “we buy houses in Myrtle Beach” and “cash for houses” companies? Maybe you’ve seen their bandit signs around town when you’re driving, maybe you’ve looked at their advertisements, heard the commercials, seen the billboards… even in other cities across SC… so who are these cash house buyers in Myrtle Beach SC?  Are they legit? How does it work?  Can I trust them?

We’ll dive into these questions and more in this article. And feel free to email us on our Contact page if you have any additional questions we didn’t answer here.

Want to Sell Fast: Who Are The Cash House Buyers in Myrtle Beach SC?

Selling your home in today’s real estate market can be challenging.

If you need to sell fast due to divorce, job loss, too many repairs, problem tenants, pressures of relocation, or anything else life can throw at you, this process can be especially frustrating.

Luckily, there are things that you as a local Myrtle Beach house seller can do that can be advantageous to you. Selling to a cash house buyer can get you the cash that you need fast, while also taking your property off your hands so you can move on with your life.

No need to worry about making any repairs or hiring contractors. Typically you can sell your Myrtle Beach SC home as-is. Selling your house to the perfect cash buyer can be a quick and easy process.

Now you just need to know who the cash house buyers in Myrtle Beach SC are…

Cash buyers will usually be investors (some locally based, like us here at Belle Coast Properties… and some based out of town) whose goal is to work with homeowners like yourself to come up with a fair and favorable solution to your situation, by figuring it out together.

A Few Things to Remember When Looking For a Reputable Local Myrtle Beach Cash House Buyer

  • Price it right
  • Be honest
  • Be open-minded

Price it right – When selling to a cash house buyer in Myrtle Beach, keep in mind that they’re buying with cash, instead of using bank financing… and they can close very quickly. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days from today if you wanted to sell that quickly… rather than waiting 3 to 9 months to sell your house the traditional “listing agent” route. This means that a professional house buyer won’t be able to pay as much as a retail buyer (someone living in the house) would.

This also means that you’re getting a quick and hassle-free sale and cash in your pocket so you can move on with your life! Check out this article on pricing your home to sell.  So don’t go into the process with expectations of getting the same price on a quick cash sale that closes in a matter of days or weeks that you’d get with an agent listing your house to find the ideal retail buyer for months and months and months. I also believe that professional cash home buyers have a much higher close rate than traditional home buyers… translation: when we say we will buy your house then we are going to follow through with our promise, we won’t back out like some retail buyers due to low appraisals, bank approvals, job loss, etc.

Keep in mind that unlike retail home buyers, most cash home buyers will buy your property “as-is”, meaning no repairs will need to be made by you. Local companies like ours will buy your house in it’s current condition, regardless of how bad it is. And don’t be embarrassed if you’re home is not in tiptop shape, trust me when I tell you we’ve seen it all.

Also consider in your pricing the fact that local cash home buyers like us here at Belle Coast Properties don’t charge any fees or commissions.  The average realtor commission in Myrtle Beach is 6%, so you will be saving that right from the start.

Be honest – Always tell the truth when giving descriptions of repairs and values. An experienced cash buyer will do their homework, so damaging a relationship from the start and potentially hindering a sale in the name of saving a few bucks, is never worth it. Just be honest with your buyer and they will work with you. If you aren’t honest and try to hide costly repairs, you can be in for an unpleasant experience. Just think how you would feel if someone tried to hide something from you and then you found out… would you be wondering what else they are hiding from you? Experienced property investors can handle most repair situations, so leveling with them upfront will set the precedent for a smooth and easy process. When we take a tour of the homes we make offers on, we have a checklist of repair items with their associated costs, so we are fully transparent about how much the repairs of your home will cost us.

Be open-minded – Cash house buyers in Myrtle Beach can often come up with creative solutions to your problems. Be flexible, and willing to share and listen to make the best of your situation. It doesn’t always have to be as simple as cash and a quick close. Each homeowner’s situation is different, and we can work together to come up with unique solutions to your situation.

Sometimes after talking to many local Myrtle Beach area house sellers we’ll find out that there are other options that make a lot more sense for them… rather than us buying their house. So, be flexible coming in and we’ll let you know what we feel are the best options for your situation. If it means us buying your house in a way that works for everyone… great!  If it means you selling your house another way (or even finding a way to stay in your house)… great! If you’re set on selling your house fast for cash, click here for another article related to the topic.

All we care is that you’re taken care of in the process. That’s how Belle Coast Properties earns the trust of their clients, who end up referring their friends and family to us when they need to sell their Myrtle Beach area houses fast too. We treat everyone like family. Sometimes that means giving someone the hard honest truth, even if it’s tough to hear.

The bottom line is, regardless of how much you might be dreading the process of selling your home, sometimes all it takes is finding out who are the best cash house buyers in Myrtle Beach SC to make your life just a little bit easier. Life is short…

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